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They're Coming

Wakey wakey! They’re coming, and you don’t have much time. Unfortunately, you are one of the unlucky living beings to wake up here in the Asylum. No one remembers how they got here, but few survivors can forget the chilling experiences that occur. The entities haunting this madhouse won’t let you go. That’s why you have to ward them off. Keep them calm. If you get them angry, it’s over. 


The Asylum is an abandoned institution for the criminally insane. It was most active in the period between 1890-1970 and is located in a small, sparse town across from the not-so Michelin star restaurant, Trudy’s Diner. After multiple reports of missing patients and workers nearby, including Brenda the Waitress, the Asylum was forced to shut down in fear of the disturbing aura that exuded the space.

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